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So I'm back home. Rats.

Actually, it was rather expected for me to head home this weekend; there's always stuff I forget. My MP3 player's communication cable, a non-empty bottle of shampoo, my headphones, my white board stand, etc...

Entrapment seems to be the theme of the weekend. I feel very stuck at home again, with my good computer at Washington University, along with my drastically outdated eight-year-old PDA that I need to upgrade (any recommendations? Compatibility with Linux pseudomandatory, acting like a cell phone is points deducted, being able to play video files and understand the CompactFlash cards I already have would be strongly positive) that I'm wanting to play with anyway. I'm also upset at Microsoft; I wanted to install my outdated copy of Office XP Student Edition to the computer, but it wants to be activated and since I had it on this laptop (now uninstalled; I'm trying to transfer the license, not cheat it) and it won't do so without a phone call to technical support. I have, y'know, class during the work day; I don't have time to mess around with Microsoft tech support for N hours to install software I've already paid for. I am not going to buy another fucking copy just to do that; if Microsoft refuses to allow me to activate the software, they're just screwed because I'll simply move entirely over to OpenOffice because it's not going to abandon me when I need it. Anybody know good Windows open-source alternatives to Outlook? Compatibility with ActiveSync a plus.

The entrapment sort of theme really started with being unable to get out of Small House 9. The door lock stuck and refused to let me out; the electromagnetic lock was fine with letting me in, but it wasn't so cool with my escape. Fortunately, the lock is as crappy as it is unreliable; a body check against the door turned out to be enough to forcibly release it. Heh.

...I sort of had a point here, but I got too hungry to get to it or remember it. I'm going to go eat something now.

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