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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Noooooo! Not my composition!
color cycle (slow)
Oh, PhoenixStudio, WHY, oh WHY did you have to eat my file? WHY couldn't you have just saved it correctly? WHY?

Needless to say, my next Weird Techno Music(TM) composition has been destroyed by my composition software. So it's going to be delayed as I create a new song from scratch.

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Blech. Sounds like the bug in sweep (a GNU/Linux audio editor) where "Save" didn't... and some of the menus go off the screen, and it's segfaulted more than once... you know, there aren't too many good audio editors for GNU/Linux, maybe I should write a better one... and a Csound orchestra that plays modules, and an XM-to-score-plus-wave-files converter, to go with the orchestra... and a renderer for that other not-yet-existing MIDI+audio file format I was thinking of, and...

Sorry. Tangent. *cutoff* (wait, resonant lowpass filter frequency cutoff? (stop!))

-- Drake Wilson

For Phoenix, it's much less reliable. It USUALLY saves, but sometimes subtly corrupts the file so it crashes the program when you try to open it.


Oh- by the way- sorry about the premoderated comment, but I've got it set that all comments from not-logged-in people have to be approved before they can be seen. I'm paranoid that way.

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