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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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A Triumphant Return
chromatic self
So I'm back at Washington University!

I'm in the room adjacent to the room I was in last year, which amuses me greatly. I do wonder what Ben- Room 205's new resident- will think of the acid burn through the middle of the carpet, assuming it's still there. The dorm was rennovated quite a bit- we now have much better air conditioners (no longer the mold-encrusted metal behemoths we had before), and much worse door locks. (We hateses card-access doors, we does!) Trade-offs everywhere, I suppose, but I'm also using my space in this room much better than in the previous room. That's a good thing, mind you, as this room is actually slightly smaller; it's certainly not bad for a single, but it's not as large as what I had last year.

I now have an actual computer desk in addition to my main workdesk- which means I'll actually have a surface to write things on for the first time in two years, a possible benefit for doing homework. I also have a reasonable-quality computer chair, a distinct improvement over the uncomfortable wooden lump I've been setting my ass on for the last two years. A mediocre-quality television with a crappy antenna and no A/V jacks has been traded out in favor of a TV tuner card in my computer, a reasonable antenna, and A/V jacks including S-Video connected to the back of my GameCube. (As it's shorter than it is wide or deep, Nintendo really should have named it the GameNotQuiteARectangularPrism.)

It's a good thing I brought two shelving units, as the room has no included bookshelf. It was also a good plan to bring a reading lamp, as the included light barely casts a dim glow across the room. Not that I and my photosensitivity really mind; to be honest, I rather like the cave sort of feel it gives my lair...

So I'm pretty fatigued right now, but I'm feeling too lazy to try to take a shower just yet; I think I'll play more of Kirby: Canvas Curse (purchased today at teadragon's encouragement, and so far apparently good advice- tried Meteos yet, Willow?) and then do so.

Tomorrow is going to be finishing unpacking- I still have a number of loaded backpacks here- and studying for class, which begins Wednesday. Monday holds financial aid forms in my future, and is also likely to include seeing if a few library books I wanted to read are in- and Tuesday is study study study to get ready for class...

It's good to be back!

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Much worse door locks?

It can't be worse than the one I had one year where my key was too bent to go in the lock.

Ok, it is worse. At least I could give my key back for one that worked all the time.

When I read your post, I thought I must be misreading it because surely they weren't stupid enough to put access to rooms on swipe locks when they had such problems with people getting into the building with the swipe locks. I guess I shouldn't assume a lack of stupidity on their part.

I'm guessing that maybe they're trying to get around how easy some of the doors are to card into (I've seen it done when people lock themselves out quite frequently, but it could certainly be done in less honest circumstances.), but putting them on a system that relies on power to let students have access to their homes, to their homework, is just plain stupid. I can maybe see it in suites -- set it up so that each person's card opens their door and their suite door, reducing the number of keys necessary to keep track of. Single rooms ... just stupid.

My rooms have always had a cave feel - I have a small desk lamp that lights up the desk area and nothing else, and I tend to use that rather than room lights. I like light on my computer screen and immediately around, because it feels like it's easier to look at than just the screen in the middle of the dark.

It hasn't ever been that I don't have room lights - there's always been something, even if it's just a clip-type desk light pointed at the ceiling - it's that I don't like to disturb other people, and that I like the dark. Caaaave. :D

Yay dark!

Of course, my desk lamp is actually much brighter than the ceiling lamp, even when it's working right...

And you've given me a good suggestion: give it a 180 and point it at the wall, which is the most appropriate way to light the room- not sure why I didn't think of it!

*giggles* Yeah. Point light at white wall/ceiling, and reflected light gives a much softer illumination. I find it easier on the eyes, generally, than direct light.

Room here has two sets of track lights, pointed at walls. Mmmm.

GameNotQuiteARectangularPrism, while more accurate, just doesn't quite have that ring to it.(plus, imaging the package writing.)

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