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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Second verse, same as the first, but a little bit louder and a little bit... uh, better, actually
color cycle (slow)
TCO Round 2...

Not much to say about it, I'm still too happy. The summary is that I'm now in Round 3, and I hit second-in-room again... and in round 2, that's worth $75.00.

Well, that helps pay for my textbooks.

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

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Congratulations! Too brain-something to come up with anything better at the moment.


Keep it up and you'll have a nice little hoard soon ;)

Whoop! W00t! And you're back to yellow. Your recent history is nearly vertical!

Excellent! Keep going like this, and you'll have quite a bit to live off for a while(do you have a list of payouts at the different rounds?)

Round Q (Qualifier): Top 150 scorers in each of five problem sets moves on to Round 1 and wins an official, limited-edition TopCoder Open 2005 T-shirt

Round 1: 750 contestants enter the round; top 400 scorers (ties in 400th place will cause more than 400 people to pass, fewer than 400 scores above zero will cause fewer) progress to round 2. Coders are in rooms of up to 25 people (fewer if people fail to show- rooms were actually of 23 for that reason), distributed in the "Iron Man" format: coders are sorted by rating, and the N highest get room 1, the next N get room 2... etc, so each room has a very narrow range of ratings. (This is as opposed to the typical distribution, in which each room has an approximately equal average rating.) First place in each room wins $75, second wins $50, third wins $25.

Round 2: 400 to compete, 200 to progress. Iron Man room seeding; first place in each room gets $100, second gets $75, third gets $50.

Round 3: 200 to compete, 100 to progress. Iron Man room seeding; first gets $150, second gets $100, third gets $75.

Round 4: 100 to compete, 48 highest scorers will be invited to the on-site semifinals and finals. Iron man again; first in room gets $200, second in room gets $150, third gets $100.

Semi-finals: Three rooms of 16 coders each, classical (not iron man) distribution. The top two scorers in each room will advance to the Championship; the next four places (third through sixth, inclusive) will compete in the Wildcard Round. All coders in the semifinals will have up to $1,000 of travel expenses covered, plus hotel room (which will be shared with one other conestant) and meals. 9th through 48th place- those who do not advance to the Championship (including those knocked out of the Wildcard round) win $500.

Wildcard: One room of 12 coders, no distribution in only one room. The top two scorers will advance to the Championship. Eliminated players here win $500.

Championship: One room of 8 coders. 5th-8th place win $1,200 dollars. 4th place wins $2,500. Third gets $5,000. Second place wins $10,000, and the winner of this room is the champion of the tournament and, in addition to round prizes won in rounds 1-4, will win $20,000.

...I'm not expecting to get that last prize, no.

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