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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Something for game geeks out there, be it game design or just play
chromatic self
This little piece I just wrote (for sixteen-kilobyte definitions of "little") explains, in great detail, exactly what I feel that Nintendo did right in creating Tetris Attack to make what is possibly one of the best competitive puzzle games ever (IE, for versus mode). It doesn't go into my opinions of the comptuerized opponents in the three versions of the game I've played- that's out of the scope of the node- but it should be an interesting read for anybody as much of a game-geek as I am.

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OK, you have too much time on your hands.

BTW, I didn't mean that in a mean way.

That was my favorite puzzle game in college. It just kept on coming, and everyone around me was pretty good.. hehe..

What's puzzle pirates?

Yeah, Tetris Attack is totally awesome. I only discovered it long after the SNES was old, but I've been making up for lost time :)

A friend and I used to play TA tons. My mother was utterly addicted to it. to the point where she'd stay up all night playing the game as if hypnotized.

I'm seriously not kidding.

I loved TA myself, but didn't actually own it. I think we used to rent it a lot, or something. Never did buy it.

I have the ROM, but haven't gotten to playing it more again. Ah well.

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