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TV tuner cards?

Good news: I'm being kicked out of home!

Well, not really. It's more like the major renovations the house is getting will throw up enough dust and dirt that for my asthma, I can't head home for the weekends- meaning I'll actually be able to stay on campus instead of being hauled home. This is a good thing.

Anyway, there are only two reasons my Nintendo Gamecube has remained at home instead of going to college with me: I've been at home on the weekends when I'd have time to play it anyway, and I don't have a compatible television without spending $20 on the adapter to connect it to the antenna. Well, the second is still true, and the television I've got isn't working any too well. (The upper left 1/8 of it refuses to show green, making everything show up in nice pretty shades of magenta.) That combined with wanting some way to record shows and archive them, I've decided to get a moderately low-end TV tuner card for my computer.

If nobody has recommendations, I'll just order one myself- probably the cheapest one with overall good reviews. But I'd like advice that anybody can give...

-Able to take S-Video and a sound input and display it, so I can play my GameCube with my computer monitor.
-Able to connect to an antenna, not only cable. (I'm not paying the $1.50/day for cable!)
-Stable and not crashy.
-Included software must be able to act similarly to a programmable VCR, with timed record as long as the computer is booted. (Hmm, when's the next season of The Amazing Race going again?) It must be able to create output in a non-proprietary format.

-Compatible with Linux.
-Inside-the-box, rather than an external USB device.
-IF AND ONLY IF IT'S NOT TOO EXPENSIVE, Digital-ready. I figure I'll just get the little box to convert a digital signal to an analog one when the FCC says all the stations must switch over, assuming the difference in price between digital-capable card and not-digital-capable card is as large as I expect it to be.
-Reasonably cheap for someone who's still in pain from $400 in textbook fees.

Any advice?

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