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I know, I haven't posted for days.

I was busy finishing test 8 in my history book. I usually don't spend so much energy on one test, but I had incentive.

You see, all major tests cover a full unit. And all books (except for Planning Your Carreer which is only 5 units long) are 8 units long.

And there are no Final tests.

I just finished my history class. I'm thankful for that. And I bought myself Super Monkey Ball Jr. (GBA) to celebrate... that game kicks some serious tail. It is also harder than diamonds.

So, what are y'all (y'all being defined as "those who want to bother to answer") doing for Thanksgiving? Ours consists probably of ground-turkey tacos, chocolate chocolate-chip cookies (take 3 hrs to make and is worth every nanosecond), mashed potatoes, broccoli, and possibly green bean casserole.

Question 2: What are you all thankful for?

I'm glad that I got the lot in this life that I did. My family is in good financial shape, I'm learning stuff, I'm enjoying myself here. Sure, I'd rather be shaped like a dragon again, but we can't have everything.

And I've got friends- judo class, co-workers at the Science Center (we're a close-knit team), online...

I really don't honestly know what more I could want. I guess I'm just lucky. With all the problems I do have, I know I have it easier than most...

I don't take it for granted.

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