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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So I spent the last two days, give or take, trying to fix the dual-boot on this computer I broke three months ago: in trying to install Linux, I made Windows refuse to launch.

I now have Windows running, ending my three-month streak of using no Windows operating system on either of my two main computers. It's not really something I like, but I had no choice; Windows is required to make my computer talk to my Voyage 200, and as I rely on it to take notes but I want to be able to back up my notes, I don't really have a choice.

Note that this was not the inexpensive way of making Windows run, only the easy way. No force on this Earth would make Windows boot from the partition we made for it. The upshot to this? My computer now has two hard drives.

When I ordered the damn thing, I got it with more than enough HD space. Now it really has more than enough HD space. We're talking 260 gigabytes total here. (160 on HDA, 100 on SDB.) It took me three years to run through 30 GB on my other computer, and now I have 260? I just hope they're reliable drives, because they'll probably be expected to outlast the usefulness of the processor. At least this is one of those computers that's easy to upgrade.

But that's why I haven't been around; fighting against Windows has been taking all my time and energy. Just as installing the software I need on it will likely do for the next several days, too.

I have reminded myself why I hate Windows with at least half a burning kilonun of passion, if not more. (I think I've made previous posts on why the burning kilonun is the proper Metric unit of passion, so I will not repeat them here.) It does boot and shut down faster than Linux, but everything... loads... slowly. And it operates slowly. And it doesn't have a lot of the convenient input features I got used to- mark buffer with third-click paste, for one.

But I'm also reminded of what Windows can do that Linux cannot: Windows-based games. I am promptly re-installing most of my collection.

Mrr. My Wintendo, it is.

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On metric burning kilonuns

It might have been only in comments, then. It's derived, obviously, from the expression "the passion of a thousand burning nuns". Note that a burning kilonun is a very large unit; the general consensus on Television Without Pity was that Jonathan, on the Amazing Race 6, was hated with the passion of a thousand burning nuns, and that's after he hit his wife on national television. So that I hate Windows with the passion of five hundred burning nuns is perhaps fairly impressive, but I feel it's accurate.

I do believe it's safe to call the unit "burning kilonun" rather than "kilo-burning-nun", placing "burning" as a constant factor rather than an inherent attribute of the unit. Consider the baseline. Is a group of nuns set on fire quadratically, linearly, constantly, logarithmically, or some other function-ally more passionate than an identically-sized group of nuns which has not been set ablaze? The only logical conclusion I could come to is that it is a constant multiplicative factor, as there is no logical reason that the passion of burning nuns should play off each other in ways that the passion of less flammable clergy does not. Therefore, "burning kilonun" is probably the best way to express the Metric unit.

Linux can read from, but not write to, the 100GB of NTFS I just added to the system. Windows has no clue what to do with the 100GB of ext3 on which Linux currently resides. The two both understand the 60GB of FAT32 I planned to put Windows on. So no RAID here; we'll have to find some other way to spray for bugs.

Yeah, I think I might want to use K3B to archive my Monty Python's Flying Circus DVDs, for one, as the DVD cases are kinda bulky...

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