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"Anyway, my battery is dy--"

So I spent the afternoon and evening with triton668, eating dinner, playing video games, playing card games, talking, and otherwise failing to do our homework assignments. Because I'd learned the path to his house from campus- not by street name, but by visual landmark- I biked there, to save gas. (And it's good exercise.) Anyway, we agreed that I'd call when I got back to campus so he didn't have to worry about my making it back safely.

I pulled my cellular phone out of my pocket, and flipped it open; I was a little surprised to observe that its usual friendly blue backlight glow was gone. But it was still on, just with a blinking, empty battery meter. Good enough...

*beeeeeep* (Speed dial, yay)
*ring* *ri-* "Hello?"
"Hey [name censored], just wanted to let you know that I made it back fine, no traffic at 1:00 AM- imagine that? Anyway, my cell phone battery is dying, so I can't talk long."
"Oh, cool, glad to hear you're fine, and--"
*beep! beep! beep!*
"Wow, now my phone's beeping at me. The battery is very much about to--"
*shutdown chime*

I guess the "Low Battery, Recharge Soon!" error ist to be taken seriously.

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