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Squish, squish, squish

So in my continued efforts to stay reasonably healthy and remind myself that even though my sensory issues prevent me from driving, I'll do fine living on a bike, I biked to Office Depot for more dry-erase markers. (I have three white boards in my room. I use up those markers with unreasonable speed; they're quite useful.) Didn't experience anything worse than one intersection so bad I decided to head to the sidewalk and walk the bike, and then that car that sent its right mirror about two inches from my left handlebar. I'm fine, and I'm not even all that tired- I'm not sure how far off Office Depot is, but it's too far to comfortably walk, over fairly hilly terrain. (It's not hard to navigate, however: "go straight".)

I would like to observe, however, that setting out on a bike ride back from Office Depot is a very effective rain dance.

And in conclusion, I find it somehow ironic that the only place I could lock my bike up was a "Handicap Parking Only" sign. I didn't interfere with cars using the spot, though, so it's an allowed use of the sign- at least according to the very amused police officer I asked slightly before chaining it up.

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