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A Sticky Situation

(Insert Snarl Here)
So close... and yet... so... far...

I've typed up two pages of answers for literature. I have answered every single stupid assnine question they ask. I have printed out the answers. I have cut them out in preparation for gluing them to my answer sheet, which I do because I have truly illegible handwriting.

I cannot find functional glue.

I found three congealed containers of liquid or gel glue, and two totally dried-up glue sticks.

I cannot find any usable glue.


----EDITED to not create another post ----


AND NOW I CAN'T FIT THE @#$% ANSWERS ON THE @#$% SHEET BECAUSE I WAS TOO @#$% COMPLETE IN ANSWERING THE @#$% THING! @#$% @#$% @#$% #$%^ !@#$ &@$% !@#$ ^@#$% !@#$ @#$% @#$% @#$%^ **** **** #$% @*!% !@#%

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