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Ideas, Linux, Etc.

So shortly after I got back from visiting puropis for the purpose of wasting time playing games (yay games!) I went on a misguided attempt to upgrade my SuSE Linux 9.2 install to 9.3, which became available.

It wasn't a bad idea, just I lost power for 21 seconds on a 20-second UPS in the middle, leaving the system unbootable. Whoops.

At least I'd written down which mirror server I was using, and the SuSE 9.2 Install DVD worked just fine and dandy for a SuSE 9.3 Install FTP Loader client, and now I have 9.3 running. A little more graphical chrome, but it also neatly solved the problem of my needing to upgrade Java and Eclipse. It was a little harrowing for a little, hwoever, to have a completely unbootable system... from the hard drive, that is. Of course, it's now 7:30 AM and I couldn't sleep through five and a half gigabytes of downloads because I kept having to hit "Retry" when the connection booched itself. I think I'll be sending a polite letter to Novell simultaneously thanking them for this nifty Linux and begging them for an "Auto-Retry".

In the category of shameless bragging, this. It's nifty to have a suggestion I made wind up implemented on LJ! And something vaguely useful, as well...
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