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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The early bird may get the worm, but the reluctantly early lizard gets the mother of all bad moods
color cycle (slow)
So last Friday, I headed home Thursday evening instead of Friday afternoon (no Friday classes) to avoid Friday morning's monthly fire alarm tests. And yet this morning, I set my alarm clock for 10:30 AM (I'm operating on 'prox 4 hours sleep, give or take) for... monthly fire alarm tests. How often are monthly fire alarm tests supposed to happen, anyway? Oh. Wait.

With Wohl as well as my dorm afflicted with these tests, I staggered over to the Mallinckrodt Bakery for a bagel breakfast and a large mocha smoothie. (Mmm. Large doses of caffiene.) Then contemplating what to do with my time, I called my father and asked if he was going to be in the Washington University area- Meteos had been released, and I could use a lift to Best Buy for a lack of anything better.

It turned out he was just getting ready to go to Best Buy for a new keyboard. (He didn't get one. He doesn't want wireless, and he wants a keyboard that's not going to break in a month (as mine seems to have (the shift keys have unreliable response (I have a low opinion of Dell keyboards now (whee, is this a new record for parenthesis nesting? (not in a programming language (or math expression), that is.)))). Any recommendations?) So he decided to head to the one fairly near to campus and pick me up along the way, which did improve my mood greatly. For the record. Meteos may well be the best puzzle game released in the last ten years. (I may actually revise that to score it above Tetris, too.) It really uses the Nintendo DS stylus effectively, and it's cool how the sound effects melt into the music...

After that, we headed to the local mall to return a birthday gift, a shirt my step-grandmother got me. It's a nice shirt, just two sizes too large. So we traded it in for a similar one, and decided that the $2.17 price difference refund should go back to my step-grandmother's card. And now in a size that fits, it's still a nice shirt. I don't have enough of those, really.

That still didn't eat all the time during which the fire alarms would be going honk and scree in the dorm, so we went to Office Depot on general principle (and to continue the futile keyboard hunt), where I found self-adhesive 8.5x11 sheets of dry erase material- perfect to adhere to, say, the back of a clipboard for the purpose of a portable white board. Considering my affinity for the devices, it shouldn't be a surprise that I bought a five-pack. (Not counting that purchase, there are three dry erase surfaces in my room, all of which I use regularly: the full-size double mirror on my closet, the board on a stand next to the computer monitor, and the refrigerator.) As I don't trust a removable adhesive, I taped it in place, too. Is a "Super Removable Adhesive!" super-strong until one wishes to remove it, or is it super-removable, therefore making it prone to fall off at the lightest touch?

Then we went across the street to Mesa Cycles, where I bought a new and much better bicycle seat. Mine is falling apart, and doesn't take into account certain inconveniences of human male anatomy (yet another annoyance of this inconvenient form), and as my voice is quite high enough, it seemed prudent to get one that does. It hasn't been installed yet, as my father didn't have the relevant tools with him, so that'll be worked on over the weekend.

And then I headed back, with still an hour to burn, so I went back to the Bakery, had a nice cold strawberry-apple smoothie (they were doing good business, as well they should on a day this hot), and played Meteos. Mmm. Meteos...

So at least I'm not as grumpy as I was when I woke up this morning, But why do they have to have fire alarm tests on weekdays rather than weekends? *grumble*

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Self-adhesive dry-erase material! Where'd you find it in Office Depot, and how much did it cost?! I've been looking for some of that for nearly a year now, 'cause when I moved into Park, I had this spare aesthetic going on where I didn't put anything on my beautiful white walls - but I did want to put a borderless markerboard up near my bed, so I could write ideas on it without having to get up and turn on the light. If this stuff is what you say it is, it's exactly what I'm looking for!

It's at the Office Depot right near campus, and it was on a cardboard rack sort of off to the left. It's marketed as an educational material. I spent $5 for five sheets at 8.5 by 11, but there are other sizes- the larger ones, of course, being more expensive.

For that matter, I've got four sheets and, in my typical sadistic entreprenural way, I can sell them off for, ooh $1.50 each. *grin*

Mhmm... strawberrie apple thingie ^_^

That seems an unreasonably long time to test the fire alarms, weekday or weekend.

To check some 30 flashers, 40 honkers, and 15 pull boxes? No, three hours doesn't sound that bad.

I know what you mean with the dell keyboards. I've seen a picture of one where the numeric keypad and the "tetris T" arrows (That's what I call them) and the regular keyboard were reversed. The keypad was on the left, and the keyboard on the right. Take a look for yourself: http://www.thisisbroken.com/2005/05/index.html

It's right at the very bottom.

And you missed a parenthesis. You have 8 ('s but only 7 )'s in that one paragraph.
Mull that sentence over for a while.

Wow, thats sounds awful, and I was hoping you would get rest last night!

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