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"Seaport 3. Add 3 to commercials within 5 blocks. ($19, Req. 8, Crm. 5, Plt 3)"
--SimCity Trading Card Game, World Trade Center card

That one's not going in my stock of cards; I do think it's something of a collector's item.

Other than discovering something that might someday have actual value in one of the SimCity boosters I bought a while back (Mayfair Games was selling them all off), this weekend has been essentially surprisingly unpleasant, considering my utter lack of homework. I think part of the frustration is my wanting to get useful research done, but I really need the better computer for that, and I can't haul a desktop machine back and forth every weekend. This laptop is fine for Internet browsing and other things, but I can't do what I need to do for the research at 800x600.

What it does do is run WINE. No, I'm not recanting my decision never to drink; I am, instead, using the Windows compatibility program under Linux, for very hopeful definitions of "compatibility." WINE stands for WINE Is Not an Emulator, if you were wondering. Although Zuma, Snood, and AstroPop all fail to operate for a wide and creative variety of reasons, Wetrix and The Incredible Machine are indistinguishable from being run under Windows, except for the differing window decorations.

Neither of my computers have booted Windows for over two months. Frankly, I haven't missed it much. The only things I really missed were some of the games... and guess what WINE seems to be doing just fine at running the better of? I really should see what it makes of You Don't Know Jack. Or, for that matter, my collection of old DOS games that actually don't run under Windows but should run under WINE in DOS mode.

...Hmm. Quadnet seems to run. Excruciatingly badly. It might run better under less system load, and, for that matter, on a better system. I'll have to give it a try on the dorm computer...

Anyway, tinkering with WINE is the high point of my weekend, although playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Gamecube (I bought Sonic Mega Collection last week... fun, but why couldn't they have altered the games just enough to put in, y'know, saving the damn game?) wasn't bad. No, what's uncool is having guests again.

I'm of a split mind about my mother's side of the family- or, for whom we have over this weekend, my aunt Joyce and cousin Evelyn. They were also out here when I was sick during Finals, and now they're back to pick up the custom-made shoes my aunt Joyce got. (With her arthritis, she does have definite need for them.) They're nice people, I suppose, but they have very different plans for my life than I have- and Do Not Take Well to hearing that I don't have the same course of action plotted out. They're especially distressed at my "failure" to date, as my cousin Melissa's choice of boyfiends is not to the family's approval. (Having met Nate myself, I have to agree with them there.) They want someone to have meaningful romantic prospects to Continue The Family Line or some similar rubbish, and they're pushing me for it. It is frustrating. I plan not to have children. There is no halfway point in this argument, and it is not one I will concede... I'll just argue about it.

I can handle people I disagree with being near, even people I care about. What doesn't go well is their communication style and my Asperger's syndrome. I simply can't withstand these people for more than thirty minutes at a time. They're both hard of hearing, so everything is yelled- and their preferred style of communication is "interrupt a whole bunch", which I find incredibly difficult to follow. The result is that they seem to have mastered the art of making me hit overload as quickly as possible, and they employ this valuable skill at every opportunity.

And then, of course, I'm taken out to eat dinner with them, and then have dessert at the local ice-cream parlor, and it takes more than half an hour. I managed, but I've got a massive headache to show for it. Not to mention, as the time stamp might have tipped y'all off about, total insomnia.

At least my flag won the blockade on Olive Island on Puzzle Pirates. (Viridian ocean.) It was amusing to watch the first round be a fairly close match, the second one end something like 531 to 140 or something (in our favor), and the third round to be going at 347 to 0 when I logged out for dinner. As it's best three out of five, that was that. I'd like to think my Carpentry skill in the game was at least vaguely useful to the crew...

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