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Geeky and growly

So I finally got to meet with Dr. Lambert today, and it looks like we really do have a definite pattern- what neither of us were sure would occur seems to have been observed. There is really no way to express how cool that actually is. Of course, he couldn't make his statistical analyzer do the things to the data he needed to do to the data, so I decided it's just easier for me to write a C++ program for it. Yay Standard Template Library and stuff. And there's something inherently cool about having a key to one of the laboratories on campus- I've got the key to his lab, in case I do need to use his analysis program.

Much less yay and more growl is that apparently, the other three rooms in my suite are going to be used as hotel rooms. I asked about the sign posted in the wall- the "We hope your stay here is nice", etc., obviously talking to temporary guests rather than a student really living here- at ResLife, and the reply was "yes, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it, you're fucking shafted." The student behind the desk was also frustrated about similar circumstances happening to him. Apparently, not only will the other three rooms be used as hotel rooms, but the guests have restroom priority- they're allowed to use both of the restrooms in the suite. (The one farther from me? Fine. The one I've got? Not so fine.) Oh, and I'll have to move my towels and toiletries out of there, so "Quadrangle Housing Company" (the University's hotel branch, pretty much) can provide their towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo in them. I am expressly forbidden from using any of them, since I got a dorm room, not a hotel room. (I am actually paying much more than hotel guests, by the way.) Did I mention that, from people shafted like this in the past, the soap and shampoo are scented- and I got housed here because I fucking have asthma and can't have a roommate or bathroom-mate using anything scented because it can fucking kill me?

I am very angry about that. I suppose consolation is that the first round of guests- who will be moving in next week- are all professors for a conference, so shouldn't be too noisy. I hope not- because I've been actively told that I am explicitly NOT allowed to ask them to quiet down or otherwise "inibit their stay" (whatever the fuck that means), even after quiet hours. They can demand that I do so, however- to the point where I'll be fined $50 if I don't quiet down whenever asked at any time of the day, the usual fee for violating quiet hours during Finals Week and Reading Week.

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