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Age, or lack thereof, and last week

So, as it's exactly one week until my next birthday (...presents? *poke* *poke*), I've been contemplating the age range of most people I know. It seems that the vast majority of my friends and acquaintances are 20 or over, while I'll just be turning 19 next week. I'm a bit behind the curve- I won't be turning 21 until after I graduate. This is not convenient, as my parents have sworn that I am not going to have an apartment or house (or trailer) of my own until I turn 21, leaving me stuck at home for a dead minimum of two months after graduation. Maybe I'll work something out anyway...

I haven't posted for a while. Dr. Pless has indeed hired me, and it's eating my time rather rapidly, as well as my classes. Not to say that I've been eating well- Bear's Den closes at 8:00, which is Bad when I have classes that let out at 8:30. So my parents got me a new refrigerator, and it's four times the size of the previous one. It can actually hold enough food to see me through a while, which is good, considering how not only is Bear's Den closing before my classes let out, it's moved a quarter mile away to Mallinckrodt Center. That's because they're rennovating Wohl. There really is no time when students aren't on campus- and certainly no time when I personally am not on campus- so I can't be too hostile for the inconvenience, it's just frustrating to have food not easily available. So I've now got enough food to last me at least a week, which is the interval between my parents picking me up and making grocery store runs. Which I definitely need to do- because, darn it, I don't have any mayonnaise.

Actually, I ate extremely poorly last week. Because of how I was somewhat inclined for convenience purposes to skip breakfast, and then they closed before I could eat dinner most days, we're talking perhaps 1500 calories a day, probably less. By Friday, when my parents picked me up, I was distinctly weak and out-of-it. It's horrible to know just how many people in this world get even less food than that on a regular basis...

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