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"Oh. Hi there."
"Hello, Dr. Pless!"
"Why are you still on campus? What are you doing this summer?"
"I'm taking a couple of classes, neither of which seems to be nearly as hard as I expected. So this summer, I'll mostly be wasting time."
"How does undergraduate research sound?"

I'll be interviewing with Dr. Pless tomorrow morning for a chance at joining his research project. Undergrad research is exactly what I hoped to do- it's what I wanted when I came to this campus.

Now I've got a chance. It was just handed to me, and I'm not going to drop it. Apparently, I sufficiently impressed Dr. Pless in 201 and 546 that he's interested in me as a research assistant. And I'll have the time this summer- my classes won't take up a huge percentage, they're designed to allow for employment in their scheduling and pace. (That's part of how the School of Engineering and Applied Science does things here.) It'll take a big bite into my plans to waste time, but research- solving problems nobody's ever solved, figuring things out for the first time on Earth, creating new knowledge the planet has never seen- that's why I came to college.

I'm not going to lose this opportunity. I just hope I don't botch it. Wish me luck...

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