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In Which I Waste A Perfectly Good Panic

Anyway, I'm on campus now. I've got a single in Phase 3 University House Eliot Hall, where they're putting everybody with asthma. It's a nice room, although I don't have a common room.

So I logged on to WebSTAC earlier today to make sure I had the time slot for my classes right, and to find out where they were. It was at this time I made the unpleasant discovery that CSE 260 had been changed from TuTh 5:30p-7:30p to "Never". It had been apparently cancelled.


Several hours later, after discovering that the entire administration of the Engineering School was taking a day off (with signs on doors to that effect), I found out by heading to the bookstore and trying to find books for my other class (which, of course, aren't in yet) that the course was listed under two different departments. The ESE version was still on; the crosslisting was simply b0rked. The class was, of cousre, still on.

So, I spent most of the morning wasting a perfectly good panic.

An annoyance is the service interruption in the housing area. This is pretty much the only chance they have to fix things- when most people aren't here; there really never is a time when there are no students on campus, so they opt to do things when there is a minimal number of students on campus. It's still annoying that there's going to be a three-hour power outage tomorrow and that the entire eating area will close so I'll have to head the 1/5 of a mile to Mallinckrodt Center just to get breakfast tomorrow, as Bear's Den will be closed for the rest of the week.

Also, with regard to the Nintendo DS I purchased yesterday: Polarium is way too much fun, as is Super Mario 64 DS. (Or, at this point, Super Yoshi 64.) Best Buy, however, sucks. I ordered the system online for in-store pickup to use a $10 online-only coupon that was expiring shortly. I select it and the two games for in-store pickup, and finish the order, to be greeted with a friendly error message an hour later informing me that they actually didn't have a Nintendo DS system at the location; their inventory system disagreed with reality. But they had the games! (For all the good the games will do without the system.) I had to arrange to do pick-up at another store.

I called their Customer Care line, and after ten minutes of Menu Hell, the girl on the other end told me that they actually did have the DS in stock, and should they add that back to the order there? Sure, I say, and go. Predictably, no DS- she was looking at the same inventory system the web site had- the one that was, y'know, wrong.

So I call again, get it moved to another Best Buy. I head there for pickup, and the order never showed up in the system. Ever. So they do the call for me, and finally the order is transfered to that store- which will take an hour to process.

That gave me time for unpacking the second load of junk into my dorm, and then eating dinner, so that's what we (I and my parents) did. Then I went back and they had the system. But really, it should not take three trips to the store just to get a system I ordered online and was told would be in stock! The "We never saw the order" was especially inexcusable...

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