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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So, I'm going to be heading back to campus tomorrow. This is a good thing, as this has been an extraordinarily dull week and I'm not sure how much more of not having class I could withstand. I am not, however, heading back with the same equipment.

First and foremost, I have a new computer. It's not a replacement for my laptop; it's a desktop sort of monster, and it's an order of magnitude better than the previous machine. My budgeting for such an upgrade went out the window when my father informed me that a 4.0 on my GPA meant that I did not have to cover the cost of the computer...

One of the niftier things that Dell does is let you choose what file system to run the computer on. I had them install Windows XP on a FAT32-formatted disk, rather than the more efficient NTFS- because Linux understands FAT32, but not NTFS. And the installer can repartition a FAT32 drive with no data loss...

Yes, I'm running Linux on this nice new computer, and it's got 100GB of space, with Windows getting the remaining 60GB as a pittance. It's still more than the entire hard drive of my other computer, however...

Quite possibly the most important new spec for it is a good monitor. 1280x1024 means I can run enough windows simultaneously when debugging; it's far less convenient to flip between views than one might hope for. I tend to have five or six data views open at the same time when trying to write or debug programs- y'know, what I spend the majority of my time doing when class is in session- so having a monitor that's actually large enough is critical. The laptop doesn't care what I plug it into- Windows gives you an upper bound of 1024x768, and Linux thinks the monitor can't do better than 800x600, hardly enough to debug in. Linux has no trouble with this graphics card!

And in case it's not enough already, the graphics card is fully dual-headed; I can plug in a second monitor.

Speaking of two screens, that's the other upgrade: my dying Game Boy Advance SP has been replaced by a Nintendo DS, or will be when I pick it up at Best Buy tomorrow after redeeming the coupon I got for buying Pokemon Emerald on pre-order. The R button had started to respond poorly, the A button responds slightly less poorly, all the arrows now feel soft and ready to stop responding well, the LCD screen has a faded appearance about it... It's had plenty of use, so it's got good reason to fail, I suppose! In addition to my GBA library (but not my older Game Boy games- it's the Game Boy Player for them) for the new unit, I've also bought Super Mario 64 DS and Polarium, which should keep me vaguely occupied for a while. I'm not sure what I'll be getting next- I'm considering Wario Ware: Touched! but it hasn't gotten reviews as positive as the original Wario Ware, or even as the pre-reviews of Wario Ware: Twisted!, so it might not be the best place to spend my limited funds. Yoshi's Touch And Go is a possibility, but I'm really waiting for Metroid Prime: Hunters to be released.

Anyway, I'll be heading back to college tomorrow...

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The PSP has incredible specs and a price tag to match. I decided against it for one simple reason: I do not like PS2 games and the selection of the PSP seems to be PS2-PSP ports for the largest part. Lumines and Smart Bomb get a "maybe", but that's it. I do not want shooters. I do not want fighting games. RPGs are okay, but you can get those on the DS, too, without a problem with the square button. I have no desire to pay $20 for each movie I want to watch on a smaller screen than my computer monitor, even if it is portable. I do not want to wait for thirty seconds of disc-spinning when my primary play time is three-minute food lines and Wario Ware.

It's just the better system for my usage...

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