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Move Out

So I'm completely moved out of my dorm now; all my junk is sitting in a big messy pile in the living room. It took two full carloads- it only took one to bring it here, but then there's the inevitable accumulation of cruft over the year, and the fun of dumpster diving.

That was really profitible this time- a plastic three-shelf shelving unit that's smaller than the other ones I've got- if I've got a natural single this summer, instead of a double with no roommate, it'll be just the right size. Those singles are the size of a closet, and it's probably where I'll be living- which is fine, as they've got huge common rooms. I also got a nice set of stackable drawer modules, which will wind up under my bed- either on campus or here. It's amazing the great stuff people throw away when they can't take it on an airplane.

I also had leftover meal points, because I was home sick most of last week, so didn't burn off the rest of my meal plan as expected. $40 of the remaining $80 disappeared yesterday as dinner for my parents and then a preliminary grocery run; the remainder went today with more of buying out the grocery store. I wound up with 81¢ leftover. I offered the cashier a candy bar with it.

She was absolutely thrilled. Apparently, nobody else had thought to give her their extra money, and she was overjoyed that someone thought of her. She was giddy and bouncing up and down as she selected her seventy-nine cents of pure sugar (actually in the form of a Hershey's bar), rung it up, and enjoyed it. It was worth the 79¢ to see her reaction! It's fun to make people happy!

So now, with what's left of my meal plan, I can give my 2¢ worth, I suppose. And my parents have called me to dinner, so this entry must come to a close... as has the first half of my time in college. It's gone by so quickly!

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