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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Decisions, decisions
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First order of business: I'm a lot less sick than I was. I'm still sick, but less so. In part because of Tylenol, but when it breaks the fever this completely, it doesn't usually return. And I've made a surprising amount of progress on the Malloc lab- no meaningful code, but I have the entire theory planned out, and that's a huge step...

Secondly, my grades for my three Stats exams so far are 100, 100, and 95. The lowest exam is dropped; the final is no different in this respect, as it's non-cumulative. (It's simply Exam 4.) Dr. Yohe has already confirmed that if I'm happy with my grade as it stands, I have no reason to show up for the final.

So, should I:

a) Skip the final, as making a note card, studying, and then taking a two-hour test are not worth a shot at 1.25% of course that I'll get if and only if I ace it
b) Attend, bringing neither calculator nor note card, wearing my underwear outside my pants, write "WIBBLE WIBBLE WEE WEE WOO!!!!" across the hand-graded portion, scream "MY PSYCHIC POWERS HAVE GIVEN ME KNOWELDGE!" from the middle of the lecture hall, then rapidly randomly fill in the multiple-choice portion and hand it in

I'd do B, except I'm worried about possible academic sanctions for disturbing the test with the yelling bit, but if I don't attract attention, what's the point?

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I've always been of the opinion that a proper examination is in itself a learning experience. In your situation, I would attend the exam just for the sake of seeing how I'd do on it, even though the grade is already secure.

That's good advice in an ideal world, but I have to decide how to budget my time. I'm probably better off using the time to study for an exam that does matter or working on my final for 361 rather than taking an exam that will have negligible impact on my grade.

Well, yeah. I live in an ideal world. I refuse to acknowledge that it might be anything else. ;)

Skip the final, and use the time either to sleep or to work on your other exam. Academic repercussions aside, you don't need to anger someone who needs a good grade on that, and might decide that playing drums outside your door while you're studying is an appropriate response.

Or you could show up 1 hr and 55 minutes into the exam, silently fill out the answers (randomly) and hand it in with a smirk on your face.

Or, you could show up at the exam, pretend to slodge your way through it, then after an hour and 55 minutes, stage a mock sword fight during which you disappear down the hall, never handing in your paper.

Definitely skip the final. You need the time for studying and writing your malloc code more than for wasting it on an exam that doesn't matter.

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