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The Ideal Schedule

Wow. It's a flat-out miracle, really.

I have a perfect class schedule for next fall. I did not have to take any second choices; no sections that I wanted filled up. This schedule is ideal.

I have no class, any day of the week, before 1:00 PM. Furthermore, my only class on Friday is graded entirely on participation and attendance, making it relatively low pressure- plus, it's something just plain fun. It's something I'd really want to do anyway...

CSE362M Computer Architecture (3 credits) M-W---- 1:00p to 2:30p
CSE422S Operating Systems Organization (3 credits) -T-T--- 4:00p to 5:30p
EP310 TECHNICAL WRITING (3 credits) -T-T--- 1:00p to 2:30p
EN190 Special Topics in Space Engineering (1 credit pass/fail) ----F-- 2:00p to 3:00p
PSYCH301 Experimental Psychology (4 credits) M-W---- 3:00p to 5:00p

The fact that I got all of my first choices with no trouble is a flat-out miracle, especially because last night (okay, this morning at 3:00am), Tech Writing and Experimental Psychology were both nearly full- only three slots left in each, in the section I wanted. I registered as second-to-last for each... but I'm in. So, I suppose that makes it appropriate to give a shout-out to the Egyptian God Thoth, whom I prayed to last night.

Anyway, next fall should be interesting. Computer Architecture and OS Organization are going to be challenging, but they should be interesting- I've heard very good things about Dr. Wong (OS Organization). And very bad things about Dr. Bayazit's thick Turkish accent (Comp. Architecture), but I've learned to deal with that anyway as he's the coach for the ACM team. Technical Writing scares me, but it's mandatory for all Engineering majors, so I'm taking it; I've heard good things about Dr. Ratinoff. But it's still a writing course- that's part of why I decided to only take 14 credits instead of 15. The other part was that Experimental Psychology- required for my newly-declared Psychology minor- is four credits, and that's inherently worrisome. It should be really interesting, though... And "Special Topics in Space Engineering" should be just plain fun. It uses up one of my 18 credits of Pass/Fail, but as I haven't used any yet, I think I can tolerate that. It should be an interesting experience...

So things worked out well for me!

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