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Things that Amuse Me

...or, signs that I'm easily amused.

After I locked my bike up to the rack in the parking garage, I started to head out, when I noticed a golf cart- the standard method of travel for maintainance personnel on campus- heading down the ramp. I backed up into the bicycle annex, even though there was plenty of space for him to pass.

He slowed down as he reached the level of the ramp I was at. "Hey, bud, don't worry, I ain't gonna hit you!" His definite drawl was familliar- I think he was a gentleman I'd helped with a door before (quite appreciated, as he was- if it was the same person- carrying a very large roll of carpet and couldn't actually reach the door handle), but I'm not quite sure.

"I know, I'm just a little skittish from too many close calls with golf carts."
"Heh, well, don't worry about me today, I've already filled my quota."
"All right, that's good to hear!"
"Just watch out- my quota for hitting pedestrians resets tomorrow. Better keep that bike helmet."

And a good laugh was had by all. Any more questions why I like the staff on this campus?

Because I felt like it, I entered- with quotes, so it was a literal phrase search- a long string of obcenities into Google. Repeated usage of the same word always gets a lot of results, apparently, but mixing them up doesn't, and trying to compose creative curses? Zero results. So I guess people aren't all that original. It can still be amusing, however. At least if you're as easily amused as I am, I suppose.

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