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"Grrrrr... RARARRARARARF" quoth the pit bull

So, as usual, my parents hauled me off-campus for the weekend. Nothing eventful, I got my Philosophy paper complete, and Dr. Chamberlain's website still isn't up so I couldn't do that assignment. Ack, there's this Stats assignment I didn't know about... eh, shouldn't be too bad.

Anyway, I was greeted with the subject line of this post from a vehicle I had to pass as I hauled my junk into the building. It was sort of amusing; it was only a puppy, but it was certainly an aggressive one. I don't think I would have minded, except the windows were open enough that it could get out with a good jump. Ah, things that keep life interesting...

More positive was that I noticed damaged-looking books in the grass outside the building; I went back and picked them up. Whoever pitched them out the window, too bad, your poor abused books are mine now. "The Everything Cover Letter Book", which could be really useful, and "Vault Career Guide to Marketing & Brand Management", which probably isn't, but hey, it was free...

Also, because Puzzle Pirates runs fine under Linux, I'm seriously considering a subscription... ehh, I'm too miserly, I'll probably just play under the free server and try to scrape together enough in-game cash to buy other peoples' credits they paid for with actual money...

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