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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Yay and ow
a look of abject horror, yikes
So today, because I felt like it and it was on top in the drawer, I wore my Champions of Kamigawa prerelease T-shirt- y'know, Magic: The Gathering. This turned out to be a fortuitous decision when one of my classmates in Social Psych observed it, flagged me down after class, and told me about a general board game student group he was creating. As I am hopelessly addicted to board games and enjoy creating them, this is very cool news. He's got my e-mail address now.

Far less yay was trying to head back after Social Psych class. I now have a crushed finger (yes, it is possible to modify touch-typing to not use one's right pinky; ring finger can take over most jobs, including the [enter] and [r-shift] keys) and a need for a new bike helmet, because you're not supposed to use a helmet again after a crash. A swerve to avoid a cell-phone user abruptly stepping out into the middle of the path and then stopping, a pothole, and a robin (the bird seemed to be fine- it sure flew away fast after being the only thing that actually hit my helmet) together conspired to result in an intersection with a concrete wall. I think the really annoying part is how oblivious the cell-phone user was to it all; she never showed any sign of knowing that she directly caused a bicyclist to crash, or for that matter that a bicyclist crashed at all.

Anyway, except for a finger turning interesting shades of purple, I'm fine, and even pain can't dull the YAY of finding a significant number of other people who like board games. We're talking about twenty so far, which means Student Union will almost certainly grant funding.

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(Deleted comment)
In retrospect, it probably would have been much better for society. It would have been the right choice in a vigilante sense, but I'd probably have gotten arrested for it. :-(

Hope your finger feels betterer.

Ouch! I hope your finger's better soon.

Nice choice of music! I'm glad you found a group of students who like board games as much as you do! Do they play MTG as well?

Glad to hear the crash wasn't worse. And yay for fellow gamers!

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