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So I'm in the market for a new set of headphones. The ones that came with my mp3 player work okay, but I wish they had some sort of storage case; I keep having to look around for where the earpads got to when they inevitably fall off in my backpack. "Cable wrapped around player" is hardly the best storage strategy.

I've decided that a higher-quality $50 pair is a better choice if it lasts twice as long as one more in my usual price range, and perhaps better even if it's not that much more long-lived but much better in audio quality. I don't really like inside-the-ear, but it's all that I can make work for being able to toss in a backpack...

So: Recommendations. What reasonably-priced headphones would any of y'all suggest? The primary criteria are:

1. Good sound quality; any set of headphones that costs ten bucks certainly doesn't fit.
2. Durable to backpack abuse. This is the big one that's why I have to use inside-the-ear headphones; regular ones tend to break unless I can find a case for them. I need headphones small enough I can stash them in my backpack so I can listen to music between classes.

Preferred brands?

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