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Userpic poll

Anyway, because I've been a bad lizard and haven't been helping out in LJ Support enough, I'm going to lose my Paid Account in about three days. I'm deciding whether or not I have the spare funds- but more importantly, the spare excuses as to why "Danga Interactive/LiveJournal" (and now probably Six Apart) appears on my credit card statements. (My parents read my mail, and my father insists on tracking my finances.) So while I probably have the money to spare (heck with it, I'll buy a year of a Paid Account if I do it at all), I'll need to figure out how to explain to my parents this time why I've made yet another payment to a blog company when they have forbidden me from keeping one myself. (Privacy concerns.)

But if I don't extend my Paid Account, I'll drop down to three userpics. I'm not going to change my present default icon, but I have to decide which two of the remaining ten to use. I've got my own opinions, but I'm not completely sure what I'd prefer; I'd like general input. Note that this poll is purely advisory and I reserve the right to completely ignore y'all, of course.

Please select only two, as that's how many I get to keep...

Full listing of my userpics is at ; they're listed here mostly by primary keyword, although I've added author credit to all of them. (They're in the picture comment of the userpic list.)

Poll #464270 Impending Lack of Userpics

Pick 2: Which userpics other than Orion's should I keep?

dragon (by Layra)
smiley (by Layra)
big red X
hey you totally forgot
dragon head (by Inuki)
airbrushed (by Inuki)
8 fewer years
a look of abject horror (by Cerulean-, ceruleanst)
flipped (by Inuki)

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