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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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This is a completely unedited photo of an eatery (I don't quite want to call it a restaurant) near my house. Anybody want a nice big plate of Crispy Snoots?
Purr Purr

Just a nice picture of my grandfather's cat, looking typically feline.

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What in hell is a Snoot? Is that supposed to mean...snout? >.< I hope not. That's just plain gross.

Considering how the text is overlaid on an image of a pig, and considering that such would be consistent with the regional pronunciation, I have reason to believe that "snoot" is indeed intended to refer to "snout".

I would not be surprised if I go past one day and find a team of CBS cameras and Fear Factor contestants there.

What vaguely disturbs me is that the eatery advertises "Fish and Chicken". Doesn't say a word about pork. Dunno. Just something odd.

And I didn't know a snout could be cooked to be "crispy." Makes me vaguely curious about how that's done.

ugh. >.< Picked pig snout is something I see a lot, in my area. I've never gotten over how those huge jars they're kept it just look like something a person should find in a science lab somewhere.

*pickled pig snout, I should have said. not picked pig snout.

If only ALF were here...

Heh.. maybe there is a reason, besides felinity, for why the cat looks so self-satisfied :)

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