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Exams, exams, exams, and exams

Y'know, on the first week back from Spring Break, it is a bit frustrating to have four consecutive exams. That was Biomedical Ethics first thing on Monday, Computational Geometry first thing on Tuesday, Stats this evening, and Systems tomorrow. I got my Biomedical Ethics exam back today; I seem to be very consistent, as I got the same grade I got on the paper. So yes, I'm happy with an A-.

I'm a bit worried about yesterday's Computational Geometry, but I think I did a reasonable job. There's only one subproblem that really threw me, and I might have been able to BS my way to partial credit...

As for my Stats exam this evening, I'm not particularly worried. As usual, I'm studying by pre-writing the calculator functions I'd probably need. It really is good studying for me: not only do I have the functions to use on the exam, the act of writing them- proceduralizing my knowledge- helps me greatly at being able to apply and use the function properly on the exam, to understand what I'm doing. That's why I don't use prefabricated functions...

So two exams down, two to go; I'll retain my sanity somehow.

Oh, did I mention the Philosophy paper due next Monday?

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