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Linux and Indiana

So because my relatives didn't get to see me over Christmas, I'm sitting in a motel room in Edinburgh, Indiana (yes, baxil, that Edinburgh), my father asleep in one of the beds as I continue to poke around with my new SuSE system.

Working with Linux is why I've been relatively silent the last few days. IT KICKS SO MUCH ASS, but it took a good ten hours to install. Considering that the installation involved streaming three and a half gigabytes of software off an FTP server in Oregon (the fastest one I could find), this can be forgiven.

It's still running at 800x600, but that seems to be a common problem for the model of laptop I'm using. I guess I won't stress out over it, because it's quite usable this way, and nobody else has figured out how to fix it. My father has shown intrest in writing his own kernel patch over the summer for this anyway, so the problem may wind up solved for everybody...

Anyway, this Hampton Inn has free wireless Internet for customers, and free ethernet-to-wireless bridges for people like me with pathetic old computers (three years, oh no) that don't have wireless Internet built in. (Next time around, I'll get a computer with built-in wireless support. Also one known to be fully compatible with SuSE Linux.)

My aunt Joyce has responded about as expected to my vaguely long hair; her word of choice was "eeew", but she didn't argue harder than that. An "eeew" is far less family drama than I had feared, so I'll accept that. Also, because I have a week full of exams immediately after Spring Break, my mother figures it to be a good idea for me to avoid allergens, so I don't have to go to Bucket Of Perfume, AKA "church." This is good because it's not a church I theologically or philosophically believe in- it's rather rabidly anti-gay. I'm glad to have an easy out, or else I'd be digging for another excuse.

Oh, and frameacloud is AWESOME. That is all.

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