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Dr. SuSE

Anyway, I've finally gotten a vaguely operational instance of Linux on my computer! It's not Debian, I'm running SuSE. It actually managed to figure out my network card and almost figured out my graphics card.

However, I need suggestions for:
1. Where to get software packages for it, especially gVim and any AIM client. I can find those on my own easily enough, I just figured I'd ask while I'm here.
2. How to make the screen resolution get to the correct setting. My LCD is capable of 1024x768@60hz, 24bpp; even if I set the device configuration to that, though, SuSE (using KDE) keeps doing 800x600@60hz, 16bpp, and I can't change it. Where should I start looking to patch it? 800x600 is usable- it's a steaming load of a lot better than 300x240- but I'd really prefer the actual resolution of my monitor.

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