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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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nyah, tongueout, glasses, nerd
I play the computer game RoboForge, where you build combat robots, program them, and then set them loose in 1-on-1 combat against opponents from across the world... really quite cool. (With built-in screenshots! You'll see some from me losing next Saturday's tournament if I suck as badly as I think I will.)

Anyway, I'm naming my latest line of robots the "Dragon" series. The first one is titled "Dragon Mk1 40K (Draco)" with my standard naming: Series, number, funds, name. As usual.

Anyway, I was wanting to have more fun with the names. Those of you who are dragons: Want a robot named after you? I'll design it, but you give me the color scheme.

One exception: If I end up with a "Mithent" in the Dragon line, it's getting a magenta chassis. The "Magentalegs" joke must live on.

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You're welcome to create a magenta Mithent robot... I'd like to see it! :)

Dragon Mk. 3: Mithent 40K

...Admittedly, like both other robots so far, it looks nothing like a dragon except for the colors.

On the flip side, it kicks some serious 'bot.

Top View
Side View
Front View
Perspective View
Battle View
Battle View 2

WARNING: ALL IMAGES ARE LARGE (Photos over 50K, Battle shots over 300K)

SPEED WARNING: These images will be REMOVED as soon as I need the space. As I'm now using over 75% of my disk quota (or more, Yoje?) that might not be too long.

Anyway, you'll get a tournament update tomorrow morning. DragonBot Mk. 3 (Mithent) 40K (filename D Mk3 Mithent 40K) is getting entered in tomorrow's tournament, run at 2:00AM tomorrow in my time zone. So we'll see how you do! ];=8)

Note, by the way, that this really is my most effective 'Bot to date. I'd say you came out well in this.

Re: Dragon Mk. 3: Mithent 40K

Yay, I'm a robot! Err... go me! :)

Looks good, Kistaro! I downloaded the demo of RoboForge... and first produced a robot that had no legs, followed by a robot that could destroy one and only one target with amazing efficiency. I tried to customise the AI, and my bot promptly rammed into the wall, again and again. I tried to make my own moves, but for some reason they were invalid. I might leave this to you ;)

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