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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Housing, hosed
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So last year, I got the worst possible lottery number for housing.

This year, I'm only 200 up from the worst lottery number I (as a sophomore) could potentially have. That's still a thousand above the worst possible freshman number, but it's an annoying trend...

I'll see if people I recruit for a suite have lower numbers. Let's hope!

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Y'know...that almost makes me wonder if the supposedly "random" lottery numbers have an age component. There are certainly younger students here than you - but perhaps their formula takes into consideration both age and class year. Could it be that last year you were the youngest in your class - and thus got the lowest lottery number? And perhaps this year you're 200 from the bottom, or at least within some range surrounding 200 from the bottom. Could it be?

Hmm, interesting thought. I never met any younger freshmen last semester, and by the trouble I had registering for summer classes, I might have been the youngest. Perhaps a pseudorandom number tilted by age, a badly-written hash function?

I wish divining explanations were as easy as looking at one datapoint out of several thousand.

Well...it's one rather extraordinary data point...Kistaro's exceptional in that he's one of the youngest students in his class and that he got the worst lottery and a near-worst lottery number, respectively, in consecutive years. One data point may not constitute a pattern, but it did spark my interest.

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