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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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So the Stats Exam is finally completely graded.

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Also, that looks like Mozilla Application Suite?

Aye, but much as I'd like to, I'm not running Linux on my personal computer; this is a computer lab machine. (I'm trying to install Debian, actually; I've repartitioned my drive. But I can't make X identify my video chipset properly; I'm really frustrated at the moment.)

I'm just glad to see people using Mozilla Application Suite (which is available for Windows, of course) rather than the evil FireFox :p

That's rather unfortunate regarding X not recognising the chipset.. is it a laptop with unusual integrated graphics?

Actually, my preferred browser is Firefox, it's just not installed on the CEC Linux machines.

I'm not sure how unusual it is. It's an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Digital Graphics Controller, according to the Winduhs Display Control Panel. According to Intel's site, that's supposed to be covered by the i810 driver, but... it ain't.

Gah! Firefox again... what is it about that browser? Its parent is far superior :p

I'm afraid I don't know much about X display drivers.. all I can say is that that's rather unfortunate.

But you aren't a standard deviation above the mean!

(I kid, I kid!)

Since you're so good in stats: how does it work that mean score + std. dev > max score? I know that std. dev is somewhat of an imprecise measure (one of the reasons why I hate stats), but still...

Oh, well, anyway: Grats!

I'm not him, but I think it goes like this:

Imagine you have some very good results, and a few really bad ones. Then the mean will be between them, and the standard deviation will be quite large because the mean isn't close to any of the real values/extrema.

Congratulations on that test! I wish I got grades like that regularly...
Anyway, my new blue deck is complete! Well, almost, two cards are on the way (I'm happy this card was taken off the restricted list). So far, incomplete, the deck has had a decent run against Wil's bringer deck (total of 20 bringers I think), but had trouble with Richard's white deck... I hope I get the chance to play you with it soon. Once again, there is no tinker or grim monolith, which may make please you...

I do hope I get a chance to play against you! I've got a difficult Computational Geometry assignment and a Psychology exam on Monday, so I won't be able to do so anytime particularly soon... hopefully not too far off, though.

More importantly, have you actually gotten any sleep recently? You've been having insomnia pretty bad. I can find some information for effective ways to relax yourself and fall asleep more easily, if you want, or I could just give you a primer on meditation...

Ok, I hope studying for the exams goes well this weekend, but hopefully you will find time soon this coming week. As for sleep, I'm been running on less than three hours a night. It's not that I am not tired. It is not that I can't physically relax. My mind simply will not let me sleep. I dont fully understand. Hopefully, I'll get out of this rut soon enough.

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