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In Which I Fill A Hole
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As some of you may know, I very much like the Piecepack game system. I've invented two games; I'm finalizing the rules for a third.

So I was more than moderately surprised to discover that no LJ Piecepack community exists!

...existed. I am the creator and maintainer of piecepack.

Anybody else interested? I'll be posting a message to the mailing list shortly...

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Glad to know that someone is ready and willing to step up and take charge. Keep promoting it - and perhaps inform forums or fan websites dedicated to the gaming system of the presence of the LJ community.

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Piecepack is not a single game. The entire point of Piecepack is to be a set of pieces for any of a wide variety of games, with the pieces used tending to be the only thing in common between them. It's a

There are presently 129 games playable with a Piecepack. I'm writing up the rules for a 130th, but by the time I submit them, it may very well be the 131st. Or the 132nd. Or more. The set is incredibly versatile, as this wide level of variation shows.

Because these 129 games are not simple variations of each other- they are completely different games. They run the gauntlet from dexterity games (see Soccer and Ppolf, among others) to field-based positional strategy games (see my own creation, Reflec) to games of stealth and bluffing (see Conspiracy, and my game Manipulation). Throw in a healthy dose of luck-driven race games (Worm Derby) and games that use nearly every feature of the set (King's Cottage) and you may begin to get a slight idea of how much you can really do with a set like this...

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