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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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50 Invites Left
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Remember how I recently made a post about having 6 GMail invites availible?

It just went up to 50.

Want an invite? Let me know. Know anybody who might be vaguely interested? Yes, let me know...

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Wow.. I only have 8 myself.

7 left here... I hope mine doesn't jump up to 50. Geez, that's a lot.

Hm. I still only have six...

Well, do let me know if you could use a few. I think I could spare some of these.

Cool! I'll need a current e-mail address to send the invitation to; if you don't want that in public, just e-mail it to me. (kistaro at gmail dot com)

Thanks! My email is alison(at)cedarlightgrove(dot)org.

Hmm. I heard rumors that there would be no more invites released. Oh, well.

Could you drop me one? E-mail address at my profile page.

It seems, instead, that there are no more finite numbers of invites. After I filled three requests yesterday, it went back up to 50.

I think it's now just "you have to be endorsed by a present gMail user," a perfect way to completely avoid spam problems.

(Invite sent, by the way.)

I feel so left out. I've been offered invites from a few people and keep turning them down. What exactly are the benefits over, say, Yahoo mail, which I've been using for like 6 years?

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