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They Laughed at my Fork-Hoarding Tendencies, But I Showed Them All!

Well, that was fun.

An e-mail message I recieved Tuesday informed me that Merideth- the RA for House 9/10 (both buildings now contain only 40 people since ten people moved out between semesters)- was, for no particular reason, offering free food in the No-Purpose Multipurpose Room (a really big room with one television, one couch, and a very large amount of empty floorspace as the entire contents) today at 7:30, as something of a social event. Not one to turn such an offer down, I met there at the assigned time.

About 1/4 the building showed up, which is to say, ten people. Not a bad turnout, although Merideth expected more. (The upshot to this is that the leftovers are mostly sitting in the public refrigerator with an "ANYBODY MAY EAT" label, except for one box of rice sitting in my refrigerator- 'twas Chinese food) The food was pretty good, and the conversation was amusing. However, there was an initial predicament: no utensils.

A habit of my family: do not discard the reusable. We have a very large collection of plastic utensils, a large annex of which I have here in the dorm with me, because if we have them at home, we don't pitch them- they can be re-used, and there's no reason not to. The upshot to this is that I had plenty of utensils for everybody, and hence dinner was saved. Saved, that is, from the inconvenience of walking all of two hundred feet or so to the Grill and stealing a number of plastic utensils from there. Anyway, the food was good!

My lab assignment for Intro to Systems Software was actually really cool: decompile a program. You're given the source code and running executible for an extremely similar program- the changes amounted to eight lines. But it's still an interesting trick to re-create, opcode for opcode, the original assembly. That's right, I'm being subjected to the horror that is Intel ASM. It's not that bad, really. Sanity-draining, but not too bad.

I've been meaning to post for the entire week about helping my aunt Karen move in to her new apartment, but I don't feel like it right now. I've been sitting on it this long, I can keep wasting time, right?

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