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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Great Moments in Nigerian 419 Scams
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"I am the only remaining son of late Dr Joseph Kobo the Director of Cocoa Dealers in Abidjan who was poison by his junior in one of there dinner."
--from an N419 scam dumped correctly into my spam bin on my GMail account. I don't know why I found that sentence as amusing as I did.

(Oh, and I've STILL got six five GMail invites. If anybody wants one, let me know- and that includes people who randomly stumble by the journal, anon comments are open...)

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Good luck dumping those invites. I've still had six for quite some time, too.

*eyes icon* Why Scranton? :>

...Because That's Where the Highway Goes!

My icon collection is mostly roadsigns from various trips. This one's from a trip evil_puffball and I took last summer to Québec via Philadelphia, Niagra Falls, and Toronto. (They were on the way...)

This sign was an interesting mix of old-and-faded patched with new-and-shiny due to Pennsylvania's renumbering of all exits in the state (and changing I-380's signage from East-West to North-South).

Is something special about Scranton?

Re: ...Because That's Where the Highway Goes!

*chuckles* I'm originally from PA, not Scranton in particular.

And the exit renumbering was just... Weird.

They're actually known as Nigerian 419 scams.

I once got a "live one" - he claimed to know my grandfather (even got the first name right) - and I strung him along for a few days, asking for 100% of my money, as I was a true heir. But he gave up and I reported him as spam anyway.

They can do their research- it's amazing how dedicated they can be since the really have nothing better to do.

You have also just seen first-hand why I should not post at two in the morning... fixed.

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