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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Happy Birthday, Lewis Carrol
airbrushed, thoughtful

Happy Birthday, Louie

This is what the letterboard hanging on my door reads as of Jan. 27, 2005. Except without the namesmudge.
Happy Birthday, Louie

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Do you leave all the letters on the board all the time? Or just the letters you yourself use for "outgoing" messages?
What if someone wants you to go to the CAFETERIA? YOu don't have any "F"s on the board. I guess they could just say
"WE EAT NOW" instead. (Using the M in your name as a W)

Disappointingly, nobody has taken me up on the "Please Rearrange Me" offer.

The sign came with a great assortment of letters- no message I've tried to put up yet has ever run up against the letter count. I've just got most of them sitting in my room so people are less likely to steal them...

That's sad, because I would've already done so. In fact, you can consider my "WE EAT NOW" message as the first.

BTW I saw you didn't compete tonight, good choice.

Yeah, I decided to do homework and watch The Apprentice instead. I presume this was a bad SRM, then?

375/400/1000 - see my journal for 30-second synopsis.

I didn't even bother waiting for the end of challenge phase to log out.

I just logged in to see the problems. OUCH. No "Easy" should ever have a submit rate that low, and how the heck is that only a 400? I guess the scoring is right that they're about the same difficulty but... egad. That's a ridiculous match for something that isn't the N'th round of a tournament for very large values of N.

The 400 was easy to code, harder to code correctly! See mine as an example. Had I done some simple memoization, it would've been ok.

That bottom part...

Looks like it's a rearrangement of ADAM GINGER. Am I right?

Re: That bottom part...

Well, I didn't exactly obscure my first name, but you've got my last name completely wrong. Behold the power of "Blur".

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