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In Which Washington University's Servers Go Haywire
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Okay, the message "Somehow, another computer on the network has the same IP Address you do" is not the sort of message one expects or desires to find upon attempting to find the latest rumors on the Internets. Okay, that wasn't the exact text of the message, but it was the general gist of it.

It's okay after a power cycle (ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew just gave errors, so a power cycle and ipconfig /renew were what it took), but how can that ever happen in the first place?

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There's something generally screwy--our IP here has already changed twice this week, too. (Not to mention our recent power outages.) At least it's fast when it does work?


I do wonder if it's related to the Linux computers in Lopata 400 having Internet connections all the speed of a wounded one-legged armadillo smoking marijuana; as a Linux zealot, that's peeved me a little.

So I'm not the only one, but I do wonder if other people are having to ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew to make it work, as I had to after the reboot.

Maybe they're trying to reshuffle IP addresses to assign a block to whichever new dormitory is being built?

It's possible...according to "sources close to me", there've been problems with the DHCP server recently, a source of many Trouble Tickets. That might be a part of it, too.

I've noticed the Internet in Lopata 400 being horribly slow, too. The worst site seems to be Google (which is odd in itself).


They may be Linux, but that in no way stops them from being tortoises on Valium with bad hardware or heavy load :)

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