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Word Count

LJArchive's word count tool amuses me.

According to it, there are some interesting features of my word usage in this journal, not counting comments:

  • My most common word is "the", with 6436 instances, not counting this post; "I" is second, with 4603 uses.

  • Ignoring numbers and extremely common words (all articles, most linking verbs), my most frequently-used word is "actually", which somehow fails to surprise me.

  • "Actually" appears 227 times. "Dragon" appears only 65.

  • "Fuck" appears 22 times. "Fucking" appears 26 times. "Fucked" only appears 4 times, which is quite a fucking surprise.

  • "Monkey" is in the journal four times. "Chimpanzee" appears twice. "Ape" appears once. Presumably, if the pattern holds, "gorilla" is in there exactly one half of a time; however, the word count analyzer found zero instances. It is pluralized to "gorillas" once, however.

  • "Fnorkelwhacker" occurs once. "Lhurgoyf" is used twice. "Pokampersandeacutemon" is also found once.

  • "Noo", "noooo", and "noooooo" each appear once, whilst counterparts with an odd plurality of 'o' characters are not observed.

  • "Gender" is found 34 times. "Polyamorous" is found twice. "Postmodernism" has, surprisingly, not been used yet.

  • "uungghh" only occurs once. "Ouch", conversely, is found an appropriate 13 times. The shorter form, "ow", was found exactly twice as often.

  • "Otherkin" was found 21 times. "Draconity" appears 22 times. "Identity" also occurs 21 times.

  • I have talked about either professor "Goldman" 17 times, counting the posessive ("Goldman's"). Dr. "Pless", however, has only gotten 15 mentions. Dr. "Kuhns" gets 5 mentions, whilst Dr. "Kwasny" gets 7.

And that's all for now- since the food area is very nearly open...

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