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TCCC and The Merits of Clearance Sales

So LJ blowed up. No big deal; all web sites have trouble from time to time. That and I just used LJArchive, so I wouldn't have lost much even if data had gone bye bye...

Anyway, since I managed to qualify, I competed in Round 1 of the TCCC today. Not only am I through to Round 2, I won $30.00 for being in the top three in the room. I don't see what's so bad about Iron Man seeding...

I'll be moving back to campus tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to my classes. Also getting away from my parents. Also hanging this sign I bought on my door.

This sign is one of those letter-board style signs in the windows of so many stores. Y'know, one of the ones the hours are posted on, with an "Open/Closed" slider on the better ones? One of those. Not bad for seven bucks on clearance, with the usual price in the thirty dollar range- and with plenty of letters so it is loaded with the message

[real name, room number]"

...what else would y'all expect from me?

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