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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Among other things, I got another USB-based flash drive for Christmas. I already had a USB 1.0 128 MB device; I got a USB 2.0 256 MB device, better in all respects- and it's SanDisk, rather than some Korean company I've never heard of before, so I'm more inclined to trust my data to it.

It has one really, really annoying habit, though.

The Korean drive indicates that it is active with a little tiny green LED at the end of its translucent casing. The SanDisk drive indicates that it is active with a really fucking bright blue LED that could act as a flashlight, at the end of its transparent casing.

Did I mention that I'm photosensitive? The thing blinks rapidly when it's accessed- and I'm extremely sensitive to blue glowy things such that it gives me a headache to have the damn thing in my field of view.

WAY TO GO, DUMBASS DESIGNERS. Why the fuck do they think I want a flashlight sticking out of my computer? Perhaps it's because it makes the entire casing appear to glow, which I admit is cool, but it hurts. I know I'm not the only one sensitive to that- the brightly blinking thing has to be distracting to everybody. What's so bad about a small discreet LED?

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Yeah, I'm a fan of the blue LEDs, as they look sharp...but I've learned recently just how annoying they can be. My computer uses all blue LEDs—one on the case, and three on the keyboard (the "lock" indicators, which thankfully don't have to be on all the time). Only this semester, when I got a single room where I had no choice but to locate my desk directly across from my bed, did I realize how freakin' bright the one on my case was. I realize now why my roommate last year always turned to face the wall at night—the LED must've kept her awake. Too bad she didn't tell me that at the time...

In any case, I had to tape a piece of black cardboard over the case light so that I could actually sleep at night—and even that wasn't enough to completely block out all the light that baby put out.

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