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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Among other things, I got another USB-based flash drive for Christmas. I already had a USB 1.0 128 MB device; I got a USB 2.0 256 MB device, better in all respects- and it's SanDisk, rather than some Korean company I've never heard of before, so I'm more inclined to trust my data to it.

It has one really, really annoying habit, though.

The Korean drive indicates that it is active with a little tiny green LED at the end of its translucent casing. The SanDisk drive indicates that it is active with a really fucking bright blue LED that could act as a flashlight, at the end of its transparent casing.

Did I mention that I'm photosensitive? The thing blinks rapidly when it's accessed- and I'm extremely sensitive to blue glowy things such that it gives me a headache to have the damn thing in my field of view.

WAY TO GO, DUMBASS DESIGNERS. Why the fuck do they think I want a flashlight sticking out of my computer? Perhaps it's because it makes the entire casing appear to glow, which I admit is cool, but it hurts. I know I'm not the only one sensitive to that- the brightly blinking thing has to be distracting to everybody. What's so bad about a small discreet LED?

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Yeeeeah, the boxes were cheap. Really cheap. The fake ones, I mean - the real boxes were great. We could jump up and down on the solid plywood ones and they wouldn't even wibble. The others.. well, one jump and you'd be on the floor, with splinters around your knees. Hehe.

Those cube things sound like fun! Reminds me of polyominos, or the SOMA cube, sort of. (More the latter, really.) It's truly amazing what you can do with a bunch of cubes and some creativity.. and how brain-breaking the same bunch of cubes can be if you selectively affix them to each other in odd shapes, and then have someone else try to copy a certain design. Hehehe.

Tangent babble - I've always been fascinated by spatial relationships. I love jigsaw puzzles, and polyominos, and tangrams, and SOMA, and really anything similar. I'm also really good at packing, for some reason.. I can fit sleeping bag, pillow, and a week's worth of clothes into one duffel bag, and a week's worth of books and entertainment into my backpack. *grins* Gets lots of funny looks and questions about Bags of Holding when I have to pull stuff off the top to get to the bottom of either. You'd think people'd never heard of packing smart...

I think that's why I love some of the online puzzle games so much. Bejeweled/Diamond Mine, Snood, Zuma, Alchemy, Cubis, Collapse, Toki Toki Boom, JT's Blocks.. (Most from Yahoo.) All the Tetris-type variations. Shape manipulation, pattern recognition, and rewards for fast processing time. SET's another great one, but it's much more fun with other people. Solitaire SET just isn't quite the same, though it's a good exercise. And Puzzle Pirates has some really creative variants on the classic puzzles (one's a Pipe Dream derivative, for example), and has a social component to boot. It attracts people who are game geeks, puzzle nuts, and typically fairly technologically competent.

Doesn't explain why my best puzzle is gunning, which is almost entirely reflexes...

SOMA is so much fun. I put my fifty-cent SOMA set at one of the better yard-sale finds I've made. I fully admit I'm not that good at it, but it's fun.

Sounds like you tend to pack things the same way my father does- it drives my mother nuts, but that doesn't stop him from re-packing the three suitcases she filled into one suitcase, with room to spare...

It might be a bit like my belt pack, though. It's for my asthma medication, but it's become my general accumulator. I think I had 15 pens in it at last count, counting highlighters as pens. Also a small screwdriver set. And my forehead-mounted flashlight. Oh, and there are the four-each of AA and AAA batteries, because I never know when somebody near might run out.

I tend to be a bit excessively prepared. On the flip side, I tend to become spontaneously and temporarily popular on homework due days, primarily because I keep a stapler in my backpack.

I also keep a granola bar in my backpack, because I have had times my previous meals utterly give out on me in the middle of lecture and I start to develop a hunger-based headache. When somebody inevitably makes fun of my carrying a granola bar with me (why, I have no idea, but people do that anyway... people are weird), I just shrug. Then I wait for the day I see them looking hungry in lecture. That's when, whether or not I'm actually hungry, I make sure they can see me eating the granola bar. (Kistaro.isEvil = true;)

Yay Snood, Tetris, Alchemy, Collapse, and Zuma! Bejeweled isn't really my thing- which is strange, because I'm completely addicted to Tetris Attack, A. K. A. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (same game, different characters, and the added feature of a save function that makes it worth paying for it again- color helps, too), A. K. A. Squeezeball Squeegee League. (This is an in-joke in my family, which my mother has sworn me never to tell anybody else. But considering what she considers public information about me, I have little inclination to hold to her "don't tell" request. Y'see, my mother keeps really late hours. (Never mind the fact that I'm posting this at 4:00 AM...) So when my father took me to Best Buy to obtain the game, my saying "bye" to my mother before we left was when she was in a state very far removed from wakefulness. It led to this conversation:

"Unghh... what is it you're wanting to buy now?"
"Remember? I told you about it already. I budgeted for it. It's--"
"Right, right, I remember. Squeezeball... no... squeegee- league? Yeah, Squeezeball Squeegee League, right?"

Probably the most amusing part was how absolutely certain she was that she had the name right.

How far have you ever gotten in Zuma adventure mode, if you have Zuma Deluxe (read as: you forked over your twenty to those capitalist scum. Long live the glorious revolution of the people!) or the online version has that mode (I don't play the online version, so I don't know if it does)? I've gotten to stage 11-something, I think.

Also: Snooood. I've registered it, too, and I'm trying to build a level set. I've got about 18 levels so far, I think; I'm shooting for 50. If you've registered the game so you can use custom levels, I'll be glad to send you what I've got- it's incomplete and I know that Downstack 2 is impossible with a bad set of pieces, which I'm trying to figure out how to fix while retaining the challenge. (The Downstack levels have the interesting feature of a one or two unit Danger Bar...) And hey, if you like level design, we could build levels as a team...

I'm sort of obsessed with level design. Something that really can be a selling point for me for a game is if it's got a level editor. I have great fun making Mario levels for "Super Mario 86"- there are other versions of the game with better engines, but none with as good a level editor. Hence my preference.

It's also why I've got a Commodore 64 emulator on my computer. (It's software piracy, but it's not exactly software that has significant current market value.) Nowhere else can I find a working version of "Pinball Construction Set" or "Stunt Racing Destruction Set"...

I like SET. I'm not that great at it, but I enjoy the game. I can't usually find opponents, though.

I'm too cheap to play Puzzle Pirates...


I'd babble at you s'more, but I'm waking up in just over 2 hours to go work for college again. Heh.

Luckily I slept 5:30-midnightish, so I hopefully won't be as dead on my feet as I was today after only 4 hours. (A 5-hour phone conversation ate into my sleeptime.. but it was worth it.)

Poke me later, remind me I wanted to babble about this stuff.

Yay for weird sleep schedules. It's weird how that whenever I have something to do, I can wake up in time for it with no problem- but when I don't, my sleep schedule breaks down. I woke up at 3:30 PM today...

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