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A sticky situation

Something that I have a bit of an affinity for is tropical fruit salad. I'd prefer it as fresh fruit, but that's never availilble in the middle of Mizurrah (for obvious reasons), so I simply opt to be one of Dole's larger customers of canned tropical fruit salad.

Heading into the pantry to find a can, I observed a drop of liquid of some form on a plastic bag (containing granola bars, for the excessively curious). This is not a good thing. A quick sniff revealed the drop to be pear-related.

Twenty minutes later, and my mother and I have found the leaky can of pears, moved everything out of that section, and cleaned it up. Not a big deal, but a bit of an annoyance anyway. I'm just glad I caught it when I did- at the rate the can was leaking, it can't have been leaking for more than a day. It's just good it hadn't started molding- and my mother commended my sense of smell, because she couldn't pick up the scent of pear at all. I at least told her what to look for- the completely soggy side of the label was to the wall, and she only checked it because I'd already guessed "pear".

In other news, it's raining.

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