April 12th, 2011



Work's moved to its new location, and honestly it's a much less practical one. The route isn't terribly bicycle-friendly (although that may well be the most practical option), and the relevant buses are terribly crowded. (There's salvation on the horizon; the new apartment complex we're moving to in a rather short while is on five different routes, rather than just one.)

It'll suck less once we get more familiar with the routes instead of losing half an hour bobbling around lost in downtown Seattle for a range of about three blocks. Not a terrible sort of lost, but irritating anyway.

Today's highlight was when we were approaching the correct stop, and our bus came up behind us; I switched to a dead sprint for at least a block and a half (I usually can't maintain it for that long, or at least haven't been able to in the past), got to the bus on time, and it was full; I was the first one turned away for lack of space. My breath still tastes of blood from the sprint; hopefully, I'll be breathing okay by tomorrow. I did manage to keep up with a bus at street speed for a good distance, but I'd've rather have gotten on it.

Anyway, it was informative. A bicycle is probably impractical in the terrain (I'll try it at least once, though), and my backpack is definitely impractical- it's convenient to carry, but extremely clumsy to manuver, and so I'm switching to one of my messenger bags for the purpose instead. I'll definitely switch to travelling light- or at least lighter than usual. At least my iPad can cover for the majority of stuff I usually take with me, although I'll probably take my Kindle with me anyway. That's a "probably", though, and not a "definitely". If it wasn't for the headphones, PSP, and Tarot deck, I could carry just the iPad; the level of day-to-day necessity of most of these items (remember, I do have other headphones- specifically, pocketable earphones) suggests that this might be the best way of all to travel light for my uses.

To a more practical commute in the future, I hope.

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