July 6th, 2010


An ungrounded concern

So, despite the 15 things (of varying merit) queued up in my digital notefile and six more sititng in my digital notebook (and, therefore, on my pen) as yet-unposted LiveJournal topics (either as incoherent ideas, or fully-drafted posts), I have this worry that I'll run out of interesting stuff to post.

Which is a good worry, actually. It motivates me to keep thinking, because I am a shameless attention whore and the only way I can keep an audience is to continue to be interesting, and the best way I can do that happens to be the sort of philosophizing and thought that is fundamentally good for me and I that I need to stay balanced, but tend not to do nearly enough for my own sake. Just having something to take notes on helps quite a lot, but having reason to write it out for an audience helps more; I examine things more deeply.

That said, it's also a totally unfounded worry. I interrupt myself at work for five minutes thinking about the social context of some of the lyrics to the music I'm listening to (BT's "These Hopeful Machines" album, specifically) and what it says about our cultural views on spirituality and relating to people, and promptly dump three more post concepts into my Evernote file.

Although I guess it kinda spawned four. :p

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