June 8th, 2009

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For those who weren't aware, today is my 23rd birthday. My intricate plans? Work. Well, okay, they're a little more intricate than that: I'm working a half day, then leaving at lunch to go to Ivar's, then Coldstone, then the post office, then Archstone. I guess I'm buying a better apartment for my birthday?

For some reason, "23" isn't a birthday I can really care about. It doesn't change the tens digit the way my 20th birthday did, doesn't confer the legal rights of the 21st, and wasn't my first birthday in Redmond (my 22nd). I still haven't really wrapped my head around this whole "age" thing, really; it's never been a concept I've been really good with, and I'm not doing any better now.

I'm working the half day partially because I have stuff to do, partially because there isn't a whole lot else to do at 7:00 in the morning.

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