May 30th, 2009

color cycle (slow)

Daily twitter

  • 07:38 And that makes broken back spoke #3. Time for a new wheel, since mine is no longer circular. #
  • 08:02 ...whoa. My morning warmup at just clocked 153 WPM. Then I had to pass a CAPTCHA paragraph typing test at 124, which I did. #
  • 08:07 Incidentally, my last-ten-trials average is 123 WPM, and my 90% (that is, I reach or beat this speed 90% of the time) is 110. Useful to know #
  • 08:28 I hate function pointers/delegates with the passion of a thousand burning nuns. At least when they're used like this. #
  • 08:30 Calling Pedal Dynamics to get Dean to bring my bike in out of the transit center bike cage for repair. Pedal Dynamics is on speed dial now. #
  • 08:58 Trying to brute force my old Neopets password, since it's attached to an e-mail account that no longer exists (hasn't for years). #
  • 09:04 Pedal Dynamics Guy is calling his distributor to try to find a wheel that matches my bike and my usage patterns- heavy-duty grocery hauling. #
  • 14:46 A chorus of smartphone chime as people receive 15 minute warnings for their meetings. #
  • 15:31 It's fun to show off nerd toys. Sending a copy of my notes to a co-worker so he can see how well my notepad captures my bad handwriting. #
  • 17:00 Experimenting with Mobiln 2.0 on my Acer Aspire One. Wow,. it already booted? #
  • 17:14 Once it gets past its limitations, I think Mobiln will be something great. It's just not there yet. I wonder what's similar under Windows. #
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