September 7th, 2008

airbrushed, thoughtful

Music addiction

(Note to self: buy a "dragon with overly large headphones" userpic from someone.)

I've become addicted to one particular song. Again. I've listened to it at least eight times today, and I intend to play it again when this run finishes.

This time, it's "Lightbulb Sun", by Porcupine Tree; I find the melody oddly compelling, and the harmonies are firmly wedged in my head.

I'm not sure why this happens. Sometimes it's obvious, like when "Somewhere I Belong" was the entire contents of my music playlist for a few days after I first discovered the song, but this is a song about a sick day from elementary school. "Bodyrock" and "Deep Vibrations" were similarly mystifying.
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    Porcupine Tree- Lightbulb Sun